Names in blue are/were members of the Gopinath Lab at UC Merced.


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       *Corresponding author   

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       *Corresponding authors   

43  Substrate mediated elastic coupling between motile cells modulates inter-cell interactions and enhances cell-

       cell contact

       Subhaya Bose, Kinjal Dasbiswas and A. Gopinath* (2021).

       *Corresponding author

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      *Corresponding author

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       *Corresponding author(s)


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       *Corresponding author(s)


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       *Corresponding author

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      *Corresponding author

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       *Corresponding author


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        swarming Serratia marcescens,

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       *Corresponding author

35  Effect of Drag and Pre-Stress on Oscillations Caused by Follower Forces in Continuum Rods,

       S. Fatehiboroujeni, A. Gopinath* and S. Goyal*.

       (Conference abstract NODYCON2019)

       *Corresponding author

       Selected highlights and press: Awarded the Ali Nayfeh Prize (Top 3) in NODYCON2019 (Rome, 2019)


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       Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics,  doi:10.1115/1.4041681  (2018).       

       *Corresponding author


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       Canada (2018).

       *Corresponding author          


      Selected highlights and press: Best student paper award, Best paper award (ASME-IDETC/CIE)



31  Flagellar swimming in viscoelastic fluids: Role of fluid elastic stress revealed by simulations based on

      experimental data,

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2016 and Prior


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      *Equal contribution


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      Selected highlights and press: Penn News,, NSF News feature,,, 

                                                          Science Daily, Health Canal, Medical News Today.


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      Selected highlights and press: Penn News,, MIT news,, MyScience, Science Daily,

                                                          Technobahn, EurekAlert!

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       Selected highlights and press:, MIT Technology Review,,


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      *Equal contribution    

       Selected highlights and press: Brandeis university press,

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        Selected highlights and press: MIT Technology Review, Harvard Gazette, Harvard Crimson, Pour la Science,                                                        , Science Daily.


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         *Corresponding author


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         *Corresponding author


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         *Corresponding author

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