December 2020

         Professor Gopinath is awarded the NSF CAREER award  from the ENG directorate (CBET) for research on 

       microbial swarms and films

       Congratulations to Mehrad Mortazavi for successfully defending his Masters thesis. Well done Mehrad!

         Paper titled Synchronized oscillations, traveling waves, and jammed clusters induced by steric interactions in active        

         filament arrays is published in Soft Matter.


     November  2020         

         Paper titled Extensions of the worm-like-chain model to tethered active filaments under tension is published in Journal of                    Chemical Physics.

     September 2020


         Paper titled Elastohydrodynamical instabilities of active filaments, arrays, and carpets analyzed using slender-body theory

         is published in Physical Review Fluids.

         Professor Gopinath is awarded a NSF award  from the BIO directorate for research on mechanosensing in

       bacteria and its implications on biofilm formation. 


     August 2020

     Our group welcomes new graduates students Ariell Smith and Taposh Biswas.  Welcome to the group Ariell & Taposh. Ariell will          start as a doctoral student in the MBSE program. Taposh joins the Bioengineering graduate program.

     March 2020

     Group members Deniz Akpinaroglu and Joshua Tamayo present at the APS Annual March meeting held virtually

        January 2020

         Paper titled Buckling instabilities and spatio-temporal dynamics of active elastic filaments is published in the Royal Society                 Journal Interface.

     August 2019

       Our group welcomes new graduate student Joshua Tamayo.  Welcome back to the group Joshua!


     February 2019

         Group paper, Effect of boundary constraints on the nonlinear flapping of filaments animated by follower forces, is awarded the

       Ali Nayfeh Prize at NODYCON2019. Congrats to the lead (student) author, Soheil Fatehiboroujeni!

     January 2019      

         Congratulations to Mehrad Mortazavi for becoming a 2019 CCBM Scholar!

       Our group welcomes our postdoctoral scholar, Dr. Parveen Kumar, and two Mechanical Engineering graduate students, Mina              Mohammadzadeh and Mehrad Mortazavi.      

     December 2018

         Paper titled The propagation of active-passive in bacterial swarmsin collaboration with University of Pennsylvania and

         Syracuse University, is published in Nature Communications.

     October 2018

Kaycee Chang represents our group at the UC Solar Symposium in the Bay area investigating means and approaches to integrate light matter interactions in biology and bioengineering applications. 



















      September 2018

Congratulations to Kaycee Chang, Benjamin Hwang, and Siddharth Pillai for becoming 2018-2019 CCBM Scholars!

        Our paper Nonlinear oscillations induced by follower forces in pre-stressed clamped rods subjected to drag by  Soheil                         Fatehiboroujeni, Sachin Goyal and Arvind Gopinath is published in the Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics.

          Congrats to all!

        Our group welcomes and hosts Dr. Ryan McGorty from UCD, our physics seminar speaker.         


        Congratulations to Deniz Akpinaroglu, Kurtis Brent, and Joshua Tamayo for winning NSF-CREST scholarships!


          The group welcomes undergraduate Bioengineering researchers, Deniz Akpinaroglu and Kurtis Brent.

          Welcome Deniz and Kurtis!

        August 2018

Congratulations to Soheil Fatehiboroujeni, who won the MSNDC Best Student Paper Award in the ASME IDETC.

(International Design Engineering Technical Conferences) 2018 at Quebec City, Canada on August 28. Well done Soheil!


Paper by Soheil Fatehiboroujeni, Sachin Goyal and Arvind Gopinath wins the MSNDC Best Paper Award at

ASME IDETC! Congratulations to all! 

Our group welcomes our first batch of graduate students: Kaycee Chang (BEST), Benjamin Hwang (BEST), and

rotation student Siddharth Pillai (Physics).

Exciting times ahead!

Visiting C-SIP scholar Alexa Capule presents at the CCBM-MACES Symposium session. Congratulations for a job well done!  

                                                            Group photograph from after the presentation

                                           From left: Junyi Yang, Cindy Wong, Alexa Capule, Kaycee Chang

Welcome back Joshua! Joshua Tamayo returns to UC Merced after successfully completing a summer internship

awarded by the Stanford Summer Research Program. Joshua studied motor protein motility in the lab of Dr. Zev Bryant's

lab (Department of Bioengineering).

May 2018

Our Proposal "Biophysical properties of Candida albicans biofilms on mucus" was awarded a grant from the Faculty research Award (Academic Senate Faculty research grants program)  at  UC Merced!

Time to get started on work!